Cohort 2’s March Institute Complete!

IMG_0706Our fellows discussed explanation and argumentation as they relate to Science and Engineering Practices.

They also delved into their units with some thoughtful reflection time.

We had a great day and enjoyed the awesome thoughts and ideas from our Cohort 2 fellows! We will see you at the May 12th UnConference!

Save the Date!

Save the Date for…

Project SING’s

Best Practices UnConference

full-logo-normalDate: October 28, 2017

Time: 8 am to 3 pm

Where: Quinnipiac University School of Education

Join us for an innovative conference where CT science teachers share their favorite ways to implement NGSS in their classrooms.

Do you want to see how other teachers are implementing NGSS?

Do you have an “NGGS-ified” strategy you would like to share?

If you are interested, take a moment to register with this link:

Want more information on what an UnConference is? Check out this site:

‘Falling’ Into Our October PD

It was great to see our fellows for our October professional development. We spent the morning having an engaging discussion through Skype with Todd Campbell and Wayne Melville, the authors of the book “Reimagining the Science Department”. After lunch we spent time going over Unit Plans and Assessments, giving and receiving feedback from our peers. It was a day filled with captivating discussion, feedback, and as always fun!


Kicking off the Summer Institute with Cohort 2!

We were thrilled to meet our new Fellows and embark on their first year of work together. Lesson 1–phenomena-based instruction can be challenging for everyone! We discovered that explaining the unobservable is hard to do, but necessary for teachers and students, and modeling is critical in this process.  This day set the stage for the next 3 institute days, and we are looking forward to how they all unfold!

Day 1 C2 Complete


Another Summer Institute in the Books. Day 4 Complete!

Congratulations to our Cohort 1 Fellows, who spent four days in uncharted territory and lived to tell about it. Even more, they began unit planning and laid the foundation for building curriculum grounded in the NGSS practices, DCIs, and CCCs. Their dedication to learning and positive attitudes is really what made this so successful and fun and we can’t wait to see how their 3-D instruction evolves this year.

Day 4 complete

Day 1 is Complete!

We have finished the first day of our 2016 Summer Institute and it was a success! We have worked on bundling and unpacking performance expectations and that’s just day 1. In the next 3 days fellows will be concept mapping, making connections among performance expectations, and turning prior knowledge on its head!