Narrative Prompts

Narrative of Teaching Methodology: You will write a narrative where you address specifics of your teaching, such as your goals, assessment techniques, instructional methodologies, interactions with students, classroom atmosphere, the structure you’ve given your courses, and the types of assignments and activities you’ve created (and why). Support your narrative through the inclusion of experience and/or materials that provides evidence of your teaching. In essence, this narrative provides an in-depth look at your teaching in action. Consider these questions:

-How do you introduce a new topic/concept?
-What types of activities do you use?
-How do you solicit student participation?
-What does discussion look like in your classroom?
-How do you keep student engagement high?
-How do you structure your class time?

The narrative is due on June 15th.

Unit plans and assessments are due June 30th.

Email both to Thanks!