Narrative Revisions

Narrative of Teaching Methodology Critical reflection and commitment to improvement:

In the summer of 2016, you wrote a narrative where you address specifics of your teaching, such as your goals, assessment techniques, instructional methodologies, interactions with students, ethics, classroom atmosphere, and others. In your narrative, you included experiences and/or materials that provided evidence of your teaching. You considered the following questions as you wrote your narrative:

-How do you introduce a new topic/concept?
-What types of activities do you use?
-How do you solicit student participation?
-What does discussion look like in your classroom?
-How do you keep student engagement high?
-How do you structure your class time?

Read and reflect on your pre-Project SING narrative. Think about what you have learned over the past year and how what you have learned in Project SING has changed your teaching. Consider each question above as you reflect.

Then, using the Review options in Microsoft Word or Comments in Google Docs to “mark up” the document you turned in please explicit describe HOW your teaching has changed and WHY you believe it has changed.

Below in an example of how to “mark up” your pre-narrative to reflect your current understanding.

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 8.06.17 PM

Email marked up narrative to; these are due June 1st. Thanks!