Here are 10 tips for rehearsal and score preparation:

  1. Be on time for all rehearsals and performances.
  2. Number all measures.
  3. Highlight your part with a yellow marker (watch for tutti vs. soli sections).
  4. Circle dynamics and articulations with a red and blue pencil (red for loud and blue for soft.)
  5. Circle the tempo markings, write in the metronomic markings, and note the most difficult sections indicated by D (difficult) or DD (most difficult) on the Beethoven Info Sheet
  6. Study the German pronunciation guide and video.
  7. Be sure to write in text translations for all music to be performed.
  8. Secure rhythms; then learn pitches on neutral syllable (Ta, Ta, Bm, Bm)
  9. Know your part and what you are a part of by studying other elements of the score in relationship to your part.
  10. Listen to recordings and use the YouTube/MP3 learning files to help you rehearse your part. Be sure to spend extra time rehearsing the most challenging passages. You can find YouTube/MP3 singer learning aids on the PROJECT JOY webpage.